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      2. Our Features

        nCino's comprehensive features and functionality increase a bank's profitability and productivity while enhancing customer relationships and ensuring regulatory compliance.
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        Commercial Loan Origination System
        The nCino LOS is a comprehensive and flexible end-to-end commercial loan origination system that employs automated workflow, real-time reporting, customer relationship management and digital document management to monitor the various steps of the loan process and reduce delays and inefficiencies. Designed by bankers for bankers, the nCino LOS makes it easier for financial institutions to originate and close loans. As a result, customers receive their money faster, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty and driving increased profitability for the bank.
        Retail Loan Origination System
        nCino's Retail LOS is a flexible, mobile-enabled retail loan origination system that provides the means to originate and service retail and small business loans while streamlining the entire retail operating process. Including standardized, intuitive workflow, customer relationship management and automated decisioning, the nCino Retail LOS is configured to meet the unique needs of the financial institution and gives customers a frictionless lending experience. Whether applying in the branch or online, customers of financial institutions receive personalized service and greater transparency into their loan process.
        Document Manager
        nCino's patented Document Manager is a configurable, integrated and secure content management system, which incorporates an institution's policies, processes and document requirements. Access to documents is permission-based, so users can access what they need when they need it through one central location. Document Manager eliminates the need for paper files and allows financial institutions to achieve a 100% electronic loan file process.
        Loan Auto Decision
        nCino's Loan Auto Decision feature automates analysis using customer, business and third-party data to facilitate real-time decisions. The solution can be used at any point during the loan process and is configurable to a financial institution's loan policies and risk thresholds. Loan Auto Decision replaces manual credit reviews, which can often take days, with real time credit decisions that can be made at the point of sale. Through Loan Auto Decision, customers get quick access to capital, better terms and a valued long-term relationship.
        As a part of the Treasury Management Sales and Onboarding Solution, Proformas can be configured to an institution's processes to optimize the treasury process for customers and employees, eliminating manual processes, simplifying data entry and providing real-time transparency into the treasury process. Automating treasury management supports every stakeholder from initial sale through implementation and offers an integrated view of the customer.
        Deposit Account Opening
        nCino's Deposit Account Opening solution optimizes the account opening process for both loans and deposits across business lines. Because the experience is fully digital-enabled, business owners and consumers can choose how they want to open their accounts, whether it is in-branch or online. nCino's capabilities provide a frictionless account opening experience, eliminating paperwork and shortening the time it takes to open accounts to less than five minutes. With Deposit Account Opening a part of the Bank Operating System, bankers are liberated from tedious manual processes so they can focus on what's most important: the customer.
        Online Applications
        nCino's Online Applications enable financial institutions to establish and configure applications to be completed online by customers and/or employees. The applications are easily implemented and modified so that customers experience a convenient, seamless application process for all business lines and products, leading to increased speed and satisfaction. Online Applications provide customers and employees at financial institutions with a fast, efficient and digitally-optimized experience.
        ALLL / CECL
        In today's changing regulatory environment, Financial Institutions (FIs) are inundated with opinions on how to both improve data quality and mitigate credit risk. nCino's ALLL/CECL solution enables credit and finance teams to reduce the scrutiny from regulators and external auditors with robust data management, loss-rate analytics and reporting. No longer does monthly or quarterly reserve estimation have to be a manual, time-intensive process. With nCino, FIs have a partner that reduces the regulatory burden and identifies the right methodology to fit each institution's unique needs.
        nCino's Questionnaires framework provides a generic, customizable template for financial institutions to create their own question and answer formats to be displayed wherever needed throughout business workflows. With Questionnaires, institutions can create and maintain a database to be used for institution-specific Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Identification Program (CIP) questions, profiling questions and product surveys. All the data collected is easily exported for analysis and review by internal auditors, regulatory examiners and compliance officers.
        Enterprise Onboarding
        nCino's Enterprise Onboarding workflow provides a step-by-step, customizable process for adding new commercial and retail customers to the nCino Bank Operating System. Within the onboarding workflow, financial institutions can gather the regulatory-mandated requirements to verify identities based on legal entity type. Customer Identification Program (CIP) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements can be embedded into the onboarding workflow so that institutions can easily configure the requirements to match their business processes.
        Customer Relationship Management
        nCino's Bank Operating System includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and integrates with a financial institution's core and other existing servicing systems, providing a consolidated 360° view of loan operations and customer relationship data. By housing customer and loan information in one place, financial institutions have automatic access to business intelligence and a full range of reports. Although a financial institution may have disparate lines of business, everyone at the institution can share a common CRM platform, access the same data and speak the same language.
        Customer Portal
        nCino's Customer Portal is a white labeled, customer-facing solution that allows financial institutions and customers to interact directly in a single, digital space. Through Customer Portal, institutions can streamline document collection and account maintenance while maintaining complete transparency throughout the loan lifecycle. Customers can easily view their loan progress, communicate with loan team members and securely track and upload documents. Customer Portal differentiates a financial institution by improving their customers' overall experience.
        Reports and Dashboards
        nCino Reports and Dashboards allow financial institutions to run customizable reports and dashboards that provide a 360° view of the entire customer relationship in real time. These tools enable cross- and up-selling opportunities, lead generation, marketing insight, proactive customer support and the opportunity to build long-term, profitable customer relationships. Reports and dashboards centralize data from a financial institution's core and other siloed systems into compelling visuals to improve data presentation and usability.
        SBA Solution
        nCino's SBA Solution is fully embedded into the nCino Bank Operating System for SBA 7(a) loans and designed to optimize the 7(a) loan process for customers and employees by digitizing paper, eliminating manual processes, simplifying data entry and providing real-time transparency. All documentation and forms, are stored within nCino allowing financial institutions to quickly and conveniently package the loan and its related documents to submit through SBA.gov.
        nCino's Bank Operating System helps financial institutions more effectively manage internal regulation, the examination process and overall compliance. nCino integrates with a financial institution's core accounting system along with other disparate systems of record, centralizing data and giving enterprise-wide access to the information via detailed reporting. Compliance with state, federal and internal policies is facilitated through each component of the nCino Bank Operating System.
        Credit Analysis / Spreads
        Integrated within nCino's Bank Operating System are best-in-class tools for analyzing, measuring and managing credit risk, both individually and globally. nCino promotes bank safety and efficiency by facilitating informed decision-making through the Spreading, Auto Decision and Risk Rating features. Once information is spread, employees can use it throughout their relationship with the customer, alleviating the need for manual reentry across disparate systems.
        nCino's Syndications feature empowers financial institutions to efficiently track and manage intricate syndicated loans through tools such as detailed loan summary pages and counter-party reports. Institutions can maintain a 360° view of customers by analyzing loan structures in the underwriting process and understanding where risk and opportunities are at all times.
        Credit Memo
        nCino's Credit Memo feature is the primary means of consolidating and communicating the details of commercial loan analysis. Credit Memo is configurable to a financial institution's specifications to automatically aggregate data from fields in a loan, collateral, covenant, related exposure or other objects within nCino. Credit Memo helps paint the picture of a borrower's or entity's financial condition, ongoing viability and capacity to meet obligations. This feature also provides support for both internal and external review.
        nCino's Bank Operating System provides the means to add, delete and manage loan covenants during the approval process and throughout the life of the loan. Financial institutions can easily create covenants for use in monitoring the borrower's or guarantor's soundness and capacity to support the credit provided. Most importantly, the use of Covenants keeps the lines of communication open between borrower and lender.
        Collateral Management
        nCino's Collateral Management feature is a comprehensive collateral creation and management tool. Collateral Management gives financial institutions the ability to track loan collateral, the loan the collateral is secured to, the lien position and the market rate associated with the collateral. Tracking, reporting and configurable workflows are associated with any type of asset to ensure requirements are met throughout the lifecycle of the relationship.
        Commercial Real Estate Analysis
        nCino's Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Analysis solution allows analysts and underwriters to evaluate commercial real estate, while leveraging existing customer data. Bankers can run multiple scenarios to analyze property performance over time and calculate customizable ratios, ensuring profitability when issuing CRE loans. nCino's CRE Analysis leverages the configurability of the nCino Bank Operating System, as well as automated workflow and a 360° view of the customer to provide financial institutions with an efficient and competitive tool to analyze commercial real estate.
        Agriculture Lending
        Built into nCino’s Bank Operating System, the Agriculture Lending solution provides institutions with a seamless, intuitive platform to onboard, serve and manage agriculture relationships, from beginning to end. nCino’s Agriculture Lending utilizes automated workflow throughout each piece of the platform to speed up timely data entry and approval processes. Customers can leverage Customer Portal to easily view loan progress, communicate with loan team members and securely track and upload documents.
        nIQ Artificial Intelligence
        Harnessing its robust technology platform, nCino IQ (nIQ) brings artificial intelligence and machine learning into financial institutions through a single platform. nCino IQ redefines how FIs work (automated processes), what they sell (intelligent product and service suggestions) and how they interact with customers (enhanced user experiences). Operating structures can be redefined by removing monotonous, repetitive tasks and replacing them with automation; employees’ day-to-day tasks are augmented with enhanced judgement, all improving interactions with customers.
        Total Exposure
        nCino’s Total Exposure allows financial institutions to have better visibility and flexibility when defining exposure calculations. This robust functionality allows users to not only see exposure on the relationship but also product package. Users can also calculate exposure via households and connections, truly delivering a one-stop-shop to define calculations tailored to an institution’s needs.
        Brand Studio
        nCino provides banking customers with a digital environment to open accounts, apply for loans, upload documentation and check the status of their loans, products and services. nCino’s Brand Studio gives financial institutions the ability to maintain a delightful digital environment across separately branded entities, such as independent subsidiary FIs or various lines of business, using a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool to change page layouts, email templates and customize product branding.
        Construction Loan Administration
        nCino's Construction Loan Administration (CLA) solution is an integrated part of the Bank Operating System, offering a single, transparent platform embedded into the loan origination process. Create and manage budgets among other critical actions, and track the project to completion all from within nCino. This solution creates a centralized place to manage every aspect of the construction lending and administration processes, giving institutions the means to achieve operational efficiency.
        Enterprise Mobility
        nCino's Bank Operating System is mobile-enabled so both employees and customers are part of a financial institution's mobile strategy. Employees have instant and secure access to relationship data and feature functionality anytime, from anywhere and on any device, while customers have visibility and access into product and service deliverables. Enterprise mobility increases productivity, reduces operating costs and creates a highly efficient and collaborative work environment.
        nCino's Platform Encryption ensures compliance with regulatory mandates and assuages auditor concerns, both internal and external, regarding vulnerable customer information viewed, stored and shared by financial institutions. As a part of the Salesforce Shield set of integrated tools, Platform Encryption is an important part of a robust security strategy.
        Product Package
        nCino enables financial institutions of all sizes to underwrite, analyze and service complex commercial transactions through the Product Package feature embedded within the Bank Operating System. Product Package takes full advantage of each credit analysis feature within nCino, including spreading, risk rating and integrated credit scoring models. Financial institutions are able to reduce cycle times, increase cross-selling and maintain a competitive advantage.
        Forms empowers employees at financial institutions to create customized documents using data housed in nCino's Banking Operating System. Forms provide a single system for creating documents and tracking their histories, which alleviates the need to manually re-enter data into separate form generation solutions. Customized templates can be formatted to almost any use case using any object or field within the nCino Bank Operating System.