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      2. How it Works

        nCino's Bank Operating System is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that addresses today's banking challenges and opportunities.
        Click on the image components below to see how it works.
        nCino Bank Operating System
        nCino leverages the scalability and flexibility of the Salesforce platform to deliver a complete end-to-end banking solution within a single platform. nCino's Bank Operating System removes channel and business line silos, replacing them with a unified solution. nCino integrates directly with a bank's core accounting system and encompasses customer relationship (CRM), customer onboarding, deposit account opening, loan origination, document management, data analytics and more. Across all channels and business lines, nCino's Bank Operating System is highly and easily configurable to a bank's specific needs and processes.
        • Risk management enabled
        • Complete enterprise mobility
        • Scalable, digital platform
        • SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certified
        • Integrates with all accounting systems
        • Single platform across business lines
        Business Process Management
        As the engine to optimize processes throughout the bank, nCino can be easily customized for a bank's specific needs and provides the flexibility to adapt to changing regulations and access to industry best practices for continuous process improvement.
        Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
        nCino provides a 360° view of the entire customer relationship offering cross-selling opportunities, business development and marketing insight, proactive customer support, and the opportunity to build long-term profitable customer relationships.
        Enterprise Content Management
        nCino provides an intelligent document management system that offers a consistent loan filing system across different loan types, instant access to any document, and built-in alerts and workflows to eliminate stale documents. This ensures compliance requirements are met and costly, inefficient paper loan files are eliminated.
        Customer and Third Party Engagement
        nCino enables a true digital relationship between a bank, its employees, and its customers, as well as with third parties such as appraisers, lawyers and regulators by providing a consistent and seamless experience across all devices, channels and product lines. This empowers employees to be more efficient and effective and enhances customer relationships and wallet share.
        Business Intelligence & Analytics
        By providing an end-to-end Bank Operating System, extracting data from the core, and integrating with other point systems, nCino's system represents a "single source of truth" and provides complete transparency, reporting and data analytics across the entire organization. Reports are completely customizable and instantly accessible, empowering bank leaders and employees to manage time and resources more effectively and make better decisions on behalf of the bank.
        Transactional Systems, Wires, ATM/POS, ACH
        nCino sits on top of a bank's core system and securely integrates with core accounting and transactional systems (e.g., ACH, ATM, wires, etc.), enabling the Bank Operating System to bring together the institution's entire operation in one easily accessible, usable and secure solution.
        Loans / Onboarding / Deposits
        nCino enables and simplifies fundamental bank operations and does them very well. nCino can onboard bank customers, originate any loan and open any deposit account, all digitally. On just one platform, the Bank Operating System, nCino handles all loan transactions within the bank including all of the customer sales and service. Eliminate siloed data and technology and replace it with one solution that is changing the banking landscape worldwide.
        Commercial / Small Business / Retail
        One solution for the entire bank. It's that simple. nCino takes the Bank Operating System and offers a one-stop-shop for onboarding, lending and account opening across business lines and market segments. Bankers are provided a consistent experience and greater transparency across the bank. Banking customers are also extended the same technology and platform for one unified, digital solution to grow with their bank.
        "We work closely with nCino to transform our product offerings on a platform that we trust, and is accompanied by a seamless, easy-to-use process for both customers and employees."
        Jim Collins, Executive Vice President and Chief Administration Officer, Customers Bank